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This page is for all autoharp lovers, pickers and grinners, and is brought to you by Lindsay Haisley, FMP Computer Services and the Cyberpluckers autoharp community in the hope that it will help you connect with players, performers, lutheirs and other resources for the instrument.

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* * The Cyberpluckers * *

The Cyberpluckers is a collection of autoharp players and autoharp music lovers who work and play (when they're not playing music) on the Internet. The Cyberpluckers keep in touch by means of an electronic mailing list. You can join the discussion by subscribing to the list and participating.

* * Who is King of the Autoharp * *

According to a number of authoritative and reputable sources, Craig Harrel is currently the reigning King of the Autoharp. This coronation was by unanimous decision of the Autoharp Board of Authorities, duly convened and in official session on October 21, 2018. The former reigning sovereign, Tom Fladmark, graciously abdicated to allow the honor to be shared and appreciated by a larger audience.

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